Birth day

9 The 9 bestows this person with considerable artistic and writing talents, and could lead them to take an interest in broadcasting, advertising and the social arena - in the largest sense of the word (which would allow them to express their philanthropic nature); mysticism or esotericism. They are drawn to all forms of contact with the public, and aspire to a world without borders. Gentle, sensitive and emotive, open-minded, humane, altruistic and idealist, they can be quite detached – sometimes too much so – from material concerns. This is an individual who is a dreamer and somewhat utopian, whose disposition leads them to join social or humanitarian movements, or to devote themselves to causes that affect the most unfortunate and underprivileged souls on this planet. Such universal love isn't always to the liking of their partner who would perhaps prefer a little more exclusivity.
Possible shortcomings:
Self-abnegation, an overwhelming emotivity, tendency to seek to escape from reality, anxiety and depressive states.