Birth day

25 The 25 confers an aptitude for specialized activities, either technical or scientific in nature, or an interest in philosophy, psychology and sometimes even parapsychology. Fascinated by the workings of the mind, this individual tends to live predominantly in their inner world, and rarely divulges their deeper feelings. Highly imaginative and given to daydreaming, they are prone to worry, uncertainty and hesitation, and have a basic need to cling to concrete reality. Early on in life, they may have difficulty making decisions about the road they wish to take. Particularly reserved, wary and modest, they often choose to adopt a cynical and critical attitude, which is really just a mechanism of self-protection designed to fool others. A tendency to be over-sensitive could make their romantic lives somewhat challenging, whilst sharing their intellectual and spiritual interests is necessary to their personal equilibrium as well as that of the relationship.
Possible shortcomings:
Inhibition, tendency to undervalue themselves, communication and adaptation difficulties, inclination to delusions and pessimism, melancholy and asocial tendencies.