Birth day

29 The 29 confers an aptitude for living and working in collaboration and association with others, and this individual is generally inclined to put others' needs and desires before their own, sometimes at the expense of the latter. Highly intuitive and gifted with powerful abilities as a psychic and medium, their mission may be to set an example to others as a role model, luminary or guide, particularly in the spiritual, intellectual or esoteric domains. They are also capable of applying their sensitivity and talent for conciliation and cooperation to assume the role of mediator. The material realm and the world of business are not their field of predilection; they are much more comfortable with concepts and the world of ideas and ideals. Sometimes they can feel disturbed or overwhelmed by their emotions, which they must imperatively learn to maintain in equilibrium, otherwise their morale could suffer. Subject to such an onslaught of emotions, there is a danger of their personal relationships becoming tarnished with criticism, or of their quest for perfection one day roughly forcing them into the glaring light of imperfect reality.
Possible shortcomings:
Tendency to confuse fantasy and reality, delusions, utopian ideas, lack of restraint, laziness, avoidance, anger or depression.