Birth day

14 The 14 endows this individual with an extroverted nature, a taste for diversity, great adaptability, and an eclectic, charming, light-hearted and sociable persona, which means that they feel perfectly at ease in group activities. They possess qualities of order and organization, combined with rigor and method, and they excel in the art of selling oneself. Freedom-loving and dynamic, they seek new experiences, change and travel above all else, and are particularly drawn to all that moves and evolves. Sociable, cheerful and enthusiastic with a playful attitude, this is somebody who isn't afraid to take risks, which is made less worrying by the fact that luck tends to be on their side. Because they flit between objective and subjective reality, they are not lacking in a certain gift for mediumship. Their romantic life isn't necessarily stable, and they may embark on their first relationship at a relatively tender age, although this probably won't last.
Possible shortcomings:
Excessive taste for risk-taking and adventure, instability and impatience, as well as a tendency to flee their responsibilities and abuse life's pleasures...