Birth day

18 The 18 confers aptitudes for organization, planning and administration, which go hand in hand with a predisposition for all that concerns the public, the social arena and foreign countries, the further away the better. Open minded, altruistic and generous, they are warm, friendly, and attractive to others, for whom, through their example, they can be a source of inspiration and a role model. Active, creative and gifted with tremendous imagination, they are drawn to travel, of both an earthly and astral nature. They can be concerned in one way or another by the worlds of business and finance, more specifically in connection with philanthropic or humanitarian issues. Spiritual open-mindedness is important, as is self-sacrifice, and the more open and disinterested their attitude towards the world becomes, the greater their personal rewards will be. Possible shortcomings:
Quibbling, anger, egoism or a tendency to try to influence situations in favour of the exclusive satisfaction of their own interests.