Birth day

21 The 21 confers the aptitude for all forms of communication, specifically oral or written expression, the voice could prove to be an essential asset. This person may possess artistic, literary or creative talents, and they are certainly endowed with a powerful magnetism, rarely going unnoticed. Their outlook on life is just as remarkable, they are full of warmth, optimism and social finesse, and have a carefree manner: they aren't really the type to pose metaphysical questions and ponder the nature of reality. They are quite sensitive, and decision-making can be a problem: as they tend to hesitate at each fork in the road, and can often feel torn between two lovers. On the rollercoaster ride of their emotions, outbursts and soul searching are not such rare occurrences, and their nerves often suffer under the strain.
Possible shortcomings:
Difficulty resisting temptation, self-satisfaction, inclination to impatience and dissipation, mindless chatter and gossip as well as an over-active and sometimes morbid imagination.