Birth day

5 The 5 renders this individual extroverted and apt to succeed by working as part of a group. Talented, funny, cheerful, enthusiastic, sociable, imaginative and change-loving, they are able to adapt with ease to any new situation and particularly enjoy travelling and adventure. Intelligent and endowed with a shrewd and analytical mind, more often than not they have an original approach to life. They have a taste for luxury, refinement and perfection and like to live life in the fast lane, at breakneck speed. In the romantic sphere, they don't appreciate restrictions and their main concern is for the preservation of their freedom. They seek a compliant partner for whom they have great expectations and must be able to trust.
Possible shortcomings:
Fickleness, instability, evasion of responsibility, selfishness, capriciousness, excessive indulgence in life's pleasures, licentiousness, excitability, nervousness and irresolution.