Birth day

30 The 30 bestows this individual with verbal dexterity and an aptitude for all types of creation, expression and communication, at the highest level. They can succeed in an artistic capacity or through the use of their oral talents and the art of persuasion, at which they excel. Their sociability combined with a charming, demonstrative and seductive manner are additional advantages which they must learn to use wisely. It is clear that with such qualities, the only difficulty they may meet in their romantic life would lie in choosing and settling down with one person. The other side of the coin is the very real danger of wasting this quite exceptional potential. The possibilities of error, carelessness, superficiality or opting for an easier, more mundane existence are equally present, in fact more so than for other people.
Possible shortcomings:
Dissipation of activities and energy, licentiousness, sterile personal relationships, disparagement, gossip and all the associated consequences of the misuse of their verbal abilities.