Birth day

13 The 13 bestows this individual with an aptitude for work, organization and execution, paradoxical to their creative, innovative and artistic, but also conservative nature. Conscientious, responsible, reliable, persistent, and determined, this is somebody who can be trusted. They have difficulty accepting limitations, which can lead to either emotional outbursts or episodes of depression. Obstinate, strict and relentlessly industrious, they expect just as much from themselves as they do from other people, who can often misunderstand them which can mean that they are not always very popular. They are very fond of their home, and are fascinated by the world of shapes and colours, and they could choose to combine these two elements and make a hobby out of decoration, which could eventually become a profession.
Possible shortcomings:
Crises of authority, feelings of frustration, emotional problems, dogmatism, narrow-mindedness, frugality, or on the contrary, recklessness, carelessness and a lack of endurance.