Birth day

4 The 4 confers an aptitude for physical and mental effort, organisation and management. Very industrious, conscientious, responsible, reliable, patient, persevering and determined, this is an individual who can be trusted and who will advance progressively despite of apparent limitations. Practical and rational, they can be somewhat rigid and even narrow-minded at times. The emotional sphere isn't the area where they feel the most comfortable, as they are naturally quite reserved and have difficulty expressing their true feelings. The fact that others often perceive this as an attitude of indifference can be a source of suffering for this individual. Extremely preoccupied by details, they must be careful not to lose sight of the essential. They love nature, their home and family, and are more or less conventional and traditionalist.
Possible shortcomings:
Rigidity, tendency to fall into a routine, adaptation difficulties, inhibitions, need to accumulate and reassure themselves, lack of sociability and pettiness.