Birth day

17 The 17 confers the aptitudes to direct and manage others, for administration and management, favouring an interest in the world of business. Efficient, ambitious and energetic, they like to set themselves concrete goals because material pleasures and comforts do not leave them indifferent: they may alternate between periods of extravagance and extreme financial rigor. Large projects and plans don't worry them at all, because they possess ample self-confidence: basically, this individual was born under a lucky star. Their capacity for sound judgement is accompanied by unequivocal intuitive abilities which allow them to make swift, assured decisions. Major operations and business ventures on a large scale are quite appropriate, although they prefer to leave the roles of execution and stewardship to others. Their feelings are guided by reason, and although this is a sensitive soul, they are not inclined to divulge them to the world.
Possible shortcomings:
Egocentricity, a dominant character, ruthless ambition, pettiness, and any kind of abuse of power.