Birth day

28 The 28 confers an aptitude to command and to lead, combined with a considerable capacity for work, and the possibility to succeed through collaboration or association. This is an ambitious, determined and even stubborn individual, who equally possesses fine diplomatic qualities. The potential for success applies to the sphere of concrete reality and they are likely to show a certain interest in the world of business and finance, possessing a real talent for organisation and management. Endowed with great practical sense, they are however more interested in setting things in motion, leaving others to do what is necessary to bring their ideas to fruition. Ventures on a large-scale are much more appealing than individual, and therefore limited undertakings, such is their need for recognition. Their romantic lives are important to them, and they seek love and affection, on the condition that they remain in control of the situation.
Possible shortcomings:
Laziness, inattention and carelessness, extravagance, or contrarily: stubbornness, a desire for power and a compulsion to dominate others.