Birth day

8 The 8 bestows this individual with an aptitude for all that concerns the world of business and concrete reality, leading them to accomplishment in the material realm. Endowed with a solid sense of organisation and management and administrative talents, this is somebody who is efficient, ambitious, materialistic, responsible and trustworthy. Concrete, practical and realistic, they seek to assume a form of power. They appreciate splendour, luxury and anything that glitters, while they can be inclined to ostentation. Showing themselves to be extremely generous when they have the means, this is somebody who is an philanthropist at heart. They aspire to order and stability, and their self-confidence endows them with a certain magnetism; in addition, the latter element – which corresponds to a certain form of power, could lead them to practice an occupation in liaison with a kind of treatment, curative magnetism or reiki for example.
Possible shortcomings:
Authoritarianism, arrogance, pushiness, sometimes even dishonesty and any form of abuse of power.