Birth day

12 The 12 endows this individual with an aptitude for all types of communication, expression and creation. Their active imagination is an advantage to these ends, while they are not lacking in artistic, literary or vocal talent. Brilliant, magnetic and attractive, they tend to take an original approach to things. Cheerful, funny and optimistic, they emanate happiness and a zest for life, and prove to be enthusiastic and socially adept. Of a warm and friendly nature, they seek to exploit all possible channels of communication. Practical and rational, they are tender and affectionate in their romantic relationships, and are often on a quest for truth and perfection. Full of vitality and overflowing with energy, they are often impatient and require constant activity.
Possible shortcomings:
A critical and acerbic mind, dissipation of energy and activities, tendency to seek the easy way out, lack of stability in the affective sphere, excessive extroversion, amateurishness.