Birth day

15 The 15 confers a sense of responsibility and an aptitude to live and work in harmony with others. This individual is something of a dual character, responsible on one side, independent on the other, whilst simultaneously seeking balance in all areas of life. Helpful, conscientious, understanding, affectionate and demonstrative, they are well-liked and their kindness is appreciated by those around them. The home and family are of extreme importance: they make an attentive partner and a wonderful parent. They are capable of thriving in a stable, peaceful and lasting union. They are nonetheless perfectionist, elitist even, by nature, and reject all those who they do not esteem worthy of their interest. This is somebody who aspires to peace and harmony, is particularly sensitive to esthetics and different forms of art, including decoration. Likewise, this preoccupation with beauty is expressed through the care that they accord to their physique and appearance.
Possible shortcomings:
Hypersensitivity, abuse of responsibility to the extent of interfering in other people's business, high expectations, excessive perfectionism or fussiness.