Birth day

27 The 27 bestows this individual with a passionate nature, which is likely to lead them to explore vast areas of knowledge: science, art, religion, philosophy, psychology and parapsychology. Warm and friendly, humane, generous and altruistic, they are receptive and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, which can thereby make them quite attractive. Determined and intense while remaining attentive to others, they also require adequate rest as well as peace and quiet in order to think, reflect, study and meditate. Dreams and imagination are important to them, and their actions are usually in line with their convictions of non-violence, peace and tranquillity. They may assume the role of the spiritual guide who paves the way for others and leads by example. The romantic and emotional sphere occupies considerable space in their lives, however their quest for perfection can mean that they need to acquire a certain amount of experience before achieving stability.
Possible shortcomings:
Instability, fickleness, utopian ideas, seeking to escape reality, using all manner of unconventional methods, fanaticism or the desire to dominate others.