Birth day

7 The 7 bestows this individual with an aptitude for specialized activities of a scientific, technical or philosophical nature. Inclined to introspection, they are also determined and tenacious, although not particularly adaptable, and often choose to be a lone wolf whilst regretting this isolation at times. Their approach to life is a little particular: a rational and intellectual individual, they nonetheless possess great intuition and are acutely perceptive which allows them to refine their judgement. They could be drawn to all areas connected with the workings of the mind: psychology, metaphysics and even parapsychology. They are not indifferent to the affective sphere, although this isn't always the easiest of areas for them: their natural discretion, shyness and reserve combined with a lack of openness towards others can make interpersonal relationships challenging. This is an individual who loves nature and enjoys relaxation and tranquillity and rest. As a general rule, things tend to just come to them without the need to search or provoke situations.
Possible shortcomings:
Difficulty adapting, fussiness, hypersensitivity, inhibition and a tendency to be withdrawn and remain in the abstract - settling for their thoughts and dreams instead of pursuing their desires.