Birth day

26 The 26 confers a need for both power and security. This is an individual who is undeniably ambitious, proving themselves to be diplomatic, cooperative, sociable and conscientious, but also responsible and considerate, as much in the professional sphere as in their personal relationships. These qualities are likely to lead them, in one way or another, to take a real interest in the material realm and even the world of business. They were born to trade and negotiate, on all levels, and require financial ease and security. Success in the material realm is likely, perhaps through professional eminence, but also via marriage into money or a profitable union of a different kind. Of a practical nature, they require stability, harmony and security in their romantic lives, and accord great importance to traditional and social values. Finally, an optimistic outlook allows them to deal with life's pitfalls without becoming discouraged.
Possible shortcomings:
All sorts of excess, pride, self-importance, a desire for power and a tendency to be pretentious and even favour wealth over human values.