Birth day

22 The master number 22 confers an aptitude for a high level organisation which allows this individual to bring to term large-scale projects that could benefit humanity. They are responsible, reliable, hardworking, idealist and altruistic, and must constantly make the connection between concrete and abstract reality. They are endowed with incredible inner-strength which goes hand in hand with a considerable amount of nervous tension. Intuitive and inspired, they must follow their convictions, channel their energy for the benefit of all and develop their inner-lives in order to reach their full potential. They need to be surrounded by competent individuals who are capable of putting their ideas and projects into action. Finally, they should be careful not to neglect the affective sphere, which tends to easily fade into the background.
Possible shortcomings:
Confusing fantasy and reality, utopian ideas, megalomania, exclusively seeking material abundance, dogmatism, desire for power or emotional sensitivity.