Birth day

31 The 31 confers an aptitude for work and organisation as well as a considerable potential for accomplishment and success from both a professional and financial point of view. This individual is very capable of providing the means to achieve this success: they are industrious, conscientious, energetic, and reliable; they take their work seriously and are responsible and trustworthy. However they may also have a slightly unreasonable side which pushes them to seek excitement, diversity and sociality. Nevertheless, stability is the state that suits them best and enables them to find equilibrium and fulfilment, as much in their personal relationships as in their professional life. They endure solitude with relative difficulty, generally seek the company of others and possess a true sense of friendship. Moreover, they enjoy pleasing others and being charming, giving the reassuring impression of a certain quiet strength.
Possible shortcomings:
Lack of tolerance, rigid or limited thinking, dogmatism, bouts of depression, or contrarily: instability, laziness and a lack of realism or organisation.