Birth day

11 The 11 confers this individual the aptitudes necessary to live and work in close contact with other people, either as part of a team or an association, and prefers to adopt a kind and gentle manner rather than employ force or coercion. They possess powerful mental and intellectual abilities, an analytical mind, are capable of great understanding and more often than not they are extremely intuitive, sometimes even gifted visionaries. Particularly sensitive, they are prone to experience powerful emotions. Idealistic, utopian and a dreamer, they are quite detached from material concerns and the world of business and economy isn't their area of predilection. Highly-strung, extremely receptive and attentive to others, open and impressionable, their moods tend to fluctuate and their reactions can be exaggerated, whilst they can experience existential crises.
Possible shortcomings:
Cyclothymic tendency with unrealistic and fanciful ideas, emotional fragility and amplification, carelessness, passivity or inhibition.