Birth day

6 The 6 confers an aptitude for responsibility and an ability to live and work in harmony with others. Generous and understanding, helpful, conscientious, pleasant and likeable, this individual seeks peace, tranquillity and harmony in particular, as much in the professional environment as in their personal relationships. They don't shy from responsibility, notably in the family context where they often prove to be the perfect partner and parent, because they are particularly attentive and protective towards those they love. On a quest for perfection in all spheres of life, this is an esthete who is sensitive to beauty in all its forms and an artist at heart: They would obtain great benefit and fulfilment through the practice of an artistic hobby. Security (financial as much as affective) is necessary to their equilibrium, and their need for affection and consideration is equal to that which they show towards others.
Possible shortcomings:
Exacerbated perfectionism, fussiness, dissatisfaction and stubbornness, while the compulsion to interfere in other peoples' business could make their friends and loved ones feel suffocated at times...