Birth day

23 The 23 confers a remarkable adaptability which allows this individual to navigate with ease in the professional and social arenas. This is somebody who loves change, is enthusiastic, extroverted and sociable, and has an undeniable talent for human interactions: they are good at selling an idea, and even better at selling themselves. Sensitive and eclectic, they are innately creative, combining imagination with strong intuitive abilities. Their vitality and appreciation for all that moves and evolves gives them an unequivocal taste for travel and adventure. Quick-witted and endowed with a shrewd mind, they are able to grasp ideas rapidly and their reactions are just as fast. They are not afraid of hard work, although their efforts can come in fits and starts. Their romantic lives tend to be peppered with love stories that begin with them falling head over heels and can end just as abruptly, often to the surprise and dismay of their partner...
Possible shortcomings:
Chronic impatience and instability, evasion of responsibilities with the pretext of preserving their freedom, emotional instability and sexual licentiousness – with the accompanying risk of infection.