Birth day

10 The 10 confers an aptitude for taking command, management and execution. This is an individual who is endowed with excellent leadership qualities and would make a great chief. They are independent, ambitious, realistic, determined and self-assured. Their capacity for accomplishment is considerable and is directly linked with comfort in the material realm, in the professional sphere more often than not where they tend to be their own master, and are characterized by vitality, energy, dynamism, strength and clarity of mind. They equally possess sound practical sense and prefer to be the initiator - the one who comes up with the ideas, rather than carry out the work necessary for their realization. Creative and original, but also sensitive and a little touchy, although they are very good at concealing their feelings.
Possible shortcomings:
Conceit, authoritarianism, jealousy, domination, nervousness, aggression, eccentricity, self-importance.