Birth day

24 The 24 confers the inclination to responsibility and the desire to spread peace and harmony. This individual is active and energetic, kind, generous and conscientious as well as very fond of the home, the family environment and their friends, and these are areas in which they seek to assume responsibility. Endowed with an active imagination, they combine a down to earth, practical approach with undeniable creative and artistic talents, and may have a taste for music, theatre or decoration. In their romantic lives, emotional security and equilibrium will be achieved, without a doubt, however sometimes a little later in life than for others. Until then, it is important to consider the happiness and well-being of those around them, showering them with all the love and attention that is necessary.
Possible shortcomings:
Lack of practical sense, agitation, the amplification of their emotions, an overwhelming hypersensitivity, worry, anxiety and depression linked with the tendency to try to take on too much at once.