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Means "flute" in Sanskrit

Who is he?

Murali is an introverted soul, reserved and secretive, who tends to protect himself from a world that can make him feel a little uneasy at times. Often shy, his sociability is inseparable from a certain elitism: Murali would definitely rather be alone than in unsuitable company. He is a cerebral type who is inclined to speculations of the mind, easily worried and tormented, pessimistic about life which he deems disturbing from the start. Pragmatic and rational, he needs to reassure himself and possesses an instinctive wariness. All the same, he is a reliable man who can always be counted on, of outstanding moral character and an attentive listener. If he lives his active number in 2, he is likely to be sensitive, impressionable and seek security above all else. Affectionate and receptive to others, his priority tends to be self-protection from the countless and nameless difficulties that could lie in wait. He would therefore tend to choose a well-organized and therefore reasonably safe life, even if that means a monotonous one. However, transformation is nonetheless always possible, and if he so wishes he could live in harmony with his active number 11 (master number) and acquire a certain moral and physical ascendancy on others by concretizing his high aspirations - which are often of a social or humanitarian nature - and developing his intuition, psychological talents and inspiration. Time is always on his side and if he can show tenacity and perseverance he will surely reap the rewards of his efforts. However the downside is likely to be an accompanying atmosphere of considerable stress. With the influence of his master number he tends to carry the world on his shoulders and this could render him less tolerant over time, more impatient or even obsessive... As a child he needs much love and affection although his modesty can mean that he doesn't deal with exuberant manifestations of emotion very well. A balanced emotional environment is crucial: as long as his parents provide him with plenty of encouragement and love, Murali will do better at school, and could even be the top of the class while attracting the interest of his teachers. He is well-behaved and reliable, sometimes even too much so, and he isn't afraid of solitude which is more of a sanctuary than a source of suffering for him.

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What does he like?

He loves peace and quiet, simplicity and all that is natural, while he loathes sophistication, elitism and snobbery. His primarily seeks security and stability. The latest technology fascinates his practical and rational mind, and he enjoys planning and organizing, possibly because he is always expecting the unexpected. In matters of the heart, he is faithful and affectionate, but can have difficulty expressing his feelings and emotions. Don't expect too much romance, but remember, if he loves you, it's for life!

What does he do?

Murali is likely to be tempted by the scientific and technical fields, professions in connection with modernism, avant-garde technology, those related to the land, nature and the humanities (psychology...) or counselling, and if he lives his master number, all occupations in connection with humanitarian and social movements.

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