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The one who raises(brings up) (Hebrew). Diminutive of the first names assembled with Jo.

Who are they?

Emotionally focused, Mary-Joe and Aawiya are extremely sensitive creatures who tend to be very attached to their home and family. They are also very active, dynamic, independent and eager to spread their wings and assume their responsibilities. They aspire to peace and are prepared to go to great lengths to ensure that harmony prevails in their environment. Their presence is both calming and reassuring, their somewhat phlegmatic attitude being comforting and attractive. Nevertheless, they are actually excessively nervous - a quality for which they compensate with an incessant but well-orchestrated program of activity, because they possess considerable organization skills. Generally diplomatic and straightforward, their impulsive and emotional nature could cause them to behave in ways that they later regret. They are quick-tempered but their anger is short-lived and they are not the slightest bit rancorous, and if ever they happen to get too carried away they will be eager to patch things up and re-establish the peace, which they hold so dear. Everything depends on their level of motivation, and when they really want something they are capable of incredible courage and energy as well as steely determination in order to achieve their goal. On the other hand, it is possible that once they obtain their heart's desire they grow tired of it, want to change things or ideally, wish to progress even further. They are indeed often attracted to unfamiliar or challenging situations since they provide the opportunity for them to surpass themselves. They are extremely conscientious women who are perfectionists by nature and who tend to impose obligations and constraints on themselves. Their attitude to order could be a little disconcerting to observe and they may be terribly fussy and pernickety in one particular area (usually in their professional lives where they can be overzealous), while they are completely disorganized in another that they judge as being insignificant. As little girls, they are very affectionate and eager to please their parents by making themselves indispensable and behaving responsibly. Domestic harmony is essential to their well-being and a parental dispute could have disastrous effects on their emotional equilibrium. They could therefore be tempted to run away to avoid being confronted with constant stress. They could enjoy art, dance or music - or all three.

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What do they like?

Mary-Joe and Aawiya are proud, ambitious and intend to succeed so that they can run the show, without anybody telling them what to do. They don't tolerate subordinate roles well at all because they want to shine and be a role model for others. It is possible that they fall prey to authoritarianism and pride, which are inseparable from such a highly sensitive nature. In matters of the heart, they resolutely want the upper hand (because they can't stand being dependent on anybody else) and are very selective when choosing a mate. They are often too idealistic and very indecisive; easily finding fault with their partner and not hesitating to let him know... They therefore sometimes make their love lives more complicated than they need to be with their impossibly high expectations.

What do they do?

Mary-Joe and Aawiya can often feel torn between the desire for personal success and the desire to start a family. Their perfectionist nature means that juggling the two could be difficult and liable to entail feelings of guilt. Their career choice could be influenced by their family, thereby compromising their own aspirations to bend to their parents' wishes. Otherwise, they are likely to be drawn to an occupation involving the care and support of others (the medical or paramedical fields or in connection with justice or psychology...), a liberal profession, management or executive management positions as well as those requiring accuracy or a sense of esthetics.

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