The 5 symbolises evolution, freedom, change and pleasure. It is synonymous with sensuality and adaptability. In addition, it is associated with the element of air, the planets Mars and Mercury, and in analogy with the sign of Aquarius and sometimes Aries, the fifth house in astrology and the sanguin… Read More
The 11 symbolises transcendence, revelations, intuition, inspiration and the gift of clairvoyance. It is synonymous with a higher intelligence and extremely elevated ideals at an abstract level. It is especially associated with the element of air, the sign of Aquarius, eleventh sign of the zodiac, a… Read More
The 3 symbolises creation, issued from the union of the 1 and the 2, uniting the positive and negative forces. It is the synonym of expression and communication, success, social life and creation, notably of literary and artistic nature. It is associated with the element of air and in analogy with t… Read More




Crowned with laurel (Latin).

Who are they?

Seductive creatures, Laury and Afifa have definitely got plenty of charisma and seek to communicate and express themselves. Adaptable, amenable, lively, upright and honest; they don't appreciate a life of routine which they find very drab and dreary: instead they need action, fantasy and excitement! Because they tend to be impatient, they often give up at the precise moment that they achieve their goals; and this is actually because for them, the thrill is in the chase and the lure of the unattainable is what drives them; but once their objective has been reached and demystified, it quickly loses its appeal. This attraction to the unknown is the reason why they enjoy travel and discovery so much. They are extremely emotional characters, which can be quite overwhelming for them and their nervous system can be a weak spot. Their cyclothymic nature can make them prone to extremes in mood: they could be laughing one moment but in tears a few minutes later. They are a strange combination of shyness, wariness (especially during the first part of their life), vulnerability, low self-esteem and audacity... which can entail a certain amount of inner conflict! However, if their sociocultural environment is favourable, they could live in harmony with the vibrations of their master number 11; in which case they would have high aspirations and a considerable ascendancy over others, with the promise of a very bright future. As children, they are fragile, particularly timorous and heavily influenced by the family environment. Rather undisciplined, they don't have much time for work or restriction and will only make an effort if their interest can be aroused and there is something in it for them. With such vivacious and gifted children, it is essential to nurture their artistic and creative streak, as well as their talent for learning other languages.

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What do they like?

Laury and Afifa aspire to love and seek an intimate relationship (though things aren't always easy due to the karmic 2), pleasure and the comfortable privacy of home. They enjoy day-dreaming about exotic paradises, however they quickly start missing the warmth and cosiness of their homes once they are far away... Emotionally, they are fiery and passionate, but romantic at the same time. They crave security, and without love in their lives they could easily become melancholy or depressed. However, they can be rather disconcerting: imaginative and eccentric, open, friendly and shameless libertines one minute and closing up like a clam the next; joy twisting itself around into sadness, passion followed by complete indifference - with ice around the edges. Only a very special kind of man would stand a chance at figuring them out...

What do they do?

If Laury and Afifa decide to invest themselves in something other than their relationship and life as a couple, they could find satisfaction in one of the following areas: an artistic occupation or those involving oral or written expression, sales and marketing (representation) or extensive travel, consultation, advice or teaching; because they are very attentive listeners.

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I want you to be happy
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