The 4 symbolises spirit entering into matter. It’s the square - image of stability, power and construction. It represents work, labour, service and sometimes a certain rigidity or narrow-mindedness. It is associated with the element of earth, the planet Saturn, the signs of Taurus and Capricorn, the… Read More
The 1 is the symbol of unity; it is the origin of all things, the breath of creation. A masculine and odd number, it represents the self, the distinct personality of this being, their individuality, ambition, strength, will and energy. It is associated with the element of fire and in analogy with th… Read More
The 3 symbolises creation, issued from the union of the 1 and the 2, uniting the positive and negative forces. It is the synonym of expression and communication, success, social life and creation, notably of literary and artistic nature. It is associated with the element of air and in analogy with t… Read More




Galician form of LEAH

Who are they?

Lía and Aurélia are quite reserved although they open up and become much more sociable once they are on familiar ground. They are generally cautious and wary, but this isn't always obvious since they appear cheerful and light-hearted most of the time. However, they are actually quite introverted and tend to keep their problems to themselves. They like to show their best side and hate to bother others with their problems. This could mean that their external appearance contrasts with their true personality and they seem more easy-going than they really are. Whilst they often express themselves with ease and have a gift for oral and written communication; they never reveal themselves entirely, jealously guarding their secret garden. They are deeply emotional creatures, however they tend to supress their feelings and possess such impressive self-mastery that they are sometimes accused of being cold or unfeeling. It can be disconcerting to observe them suddenly disappearing into their shell and hiding from the world, when just a short time earlier they seemed to be having a wonderful time in the company of others. They fluctuate between phases of joy and optimism, and other periods where they are rather pessimistic and defeatist. They often feel torn between their craving for security and stability, and their natural curiosity which can make them quite the social butterfly; between welcoming challenges and appreciating a job well done, and the temptation of an easy life... Because they are extremely sensitive, Lía and Aurélia are easily offended and can be known to take things the wrong way, especially since they lack self-confidence. They tend to hold grudges and have great difficulty forgiving an insult or injury, and it will be even longer before they are able to forget. As children, in order to feel secure they will need to be encouraged to socialise, taught to share and surrounded by affection, to help them shake off their shyness so that it doesn't become a handicap. They are generally very possessive and love collecting things, but don't always like sharing with others...

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What do they like?

While it is true that they are shy; paradoxically, Lía and Aurélia also want to be the centre of attention, to excel and shine. If they happen to be unable to do so in a professional capacity, for example; they will seek the limelight in a different way, by making sure that they get noticed for their originality or eccentricity. In love, they are egotistical, domineering, possessive and uncompromising. They want to be loved and admired by their partner, thereby keeping the upper hand in the relationship. Their romantic lives are not always as straightforward as their professional lives, since they are neither romantic nor demonstrative.

What do they do?

Well equipped for the game of life, Lía and Aurélia are likely to be attracted to occupations requiring accuracy and precision; notably if their Life Path Number is 4, or if they were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of the month. Otherwise, a career favouring expression (sales and marketing, acting, singing, lecturing) could bring them satisfaction. Finally, they are very well-suited to one of the liberal professions.

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