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Means "man of valour", derived from the Gaelic elements fear "man" and gal "valour"

Who is he?

Fearghal is secretive, reserved, introverted and observant with a suspicious and cautious nature. This could easily pass for frostiness, aloofness or even superiority, when in reality he is modest and rather shy, his apparent composure concealing a considerable amount of anxiety. He is patient and his pace of life is quite slow, although he is equipped with a steely resolve and when a goal is close to his heart he can be stubborn and extremely determined. He loathes superficiality and doesn't grant his friendship to just anyone, although once he has committed himself and bestowed his trust he loses his "bearlike" quality and reveals himself to be a very pleasant and fiercely loyal man, his outstanding moral character finally seeing the light of day. As a child, he is usually well-behaved, calm and settled, although there may be occasional outbursts of anger. Fearghal is deeply committed to his family to the extent where he can become quite a homebody. Because he is often an intellectual, he can be attracted by long-term studies, and could spend hours reading, oblivious to the world around him. His parents should encourage the development of his social skills while promoting his independence and communication skills, because he tends to be a bit of a lone wolf. He is quite responsible and his parents can rest assured: he will be an honest child who is kind to his siblings.

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What does he like?

A lover of nature and peace and quiet, even though Fearghal wouldn't mind being Robinson Crusoe sometimes, so he could disappear to his desert island in order to contemplate or meditate in serenity, he is nevertheless sensitive to the cosy comfort of home. Fascinated by all that is new, avant-garde or unusual, he enjoys science fiction, new technologies such as computer science, astrology, art or fashion. He is a sentimental type who can become deeply attached to those he loves, although he isn't always particularly demonstrative. He expects his sweetheart to be a good housewife and a wonderful cook (one of the ways to his heart is indeed through his stomach), however most of all he needs someone who will bring him peace, security and stability.

What does he do?

Fearghal could show an interest in the following types of occupations: those related to nature and the land (especially if he was born on a 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st), the scientific, technical or medical fields (especially if he was born on a 7th, 14th or 25th), professions requiring accuracy and attention to detail, those related to health and hygiene or the home, in connection with taste or art... or occupations of an esoteric or mystical nature.

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