The 7 symbolises soul-searching and the quest for perfection. It is a sacred and eminently spiritual number. It is synonymous with rest, meditation, study, spirituality, philosophy, religion and faith. It is associated with the elements of water and earth and in analogy with the planet Uranus, the s… Read More
The 3 symbolises creation, issued from the union of the 1 and the 2, uniting the positive and negative forces. It is the synonym of expression and communication, success, social life and creation, notably of literary and artistic nature. It is associated with the element of air and in analogy with t… Read More
The 4 symbolises spirit entering into matter. It’s the square - image of stability, power and construction. It represents work, labour, service and sometimes a certain rigidity or narrow-mindedness. It is associated with the element of earth, the planet Saturn, the signs of Taurus and Capricorn, the… Read More


Greek Mythology (Latinized)


Latinized form of KREIOS

Who is he?

Beneath the calm and sometimes unemotional surface, Crius is nervous, complex and undefinable at first. A shy and reserved, curious, cerebral and even intellectual man he possesses an enquiring, critical and analytical mind and is prone to scepticism. A little out of the ordinary, he could appear awkward, uncompromising and very possessive where both his emotions and finances are concerned and he can be quite stubborn and even obsessional (especially if he was born on a 4th, 7th, 13th, 16th, 22nd, 25th, 31st, or if he has a Life Path Number of 4 or 7). If, however, his birthday falls on a 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th, or if he has a Life Path Number of 3, he will probably be more warm, friendly and sociable. The combination of the 3 and the 4 can result in a certain amount of inner-conflict, with divergences appearing between his deepest aspirations and what he actually achieves in reality. Part of him pushes him to act and react rapidly in spite of the fact that he tends to function at a much slower pace. After much hesitation, he is likely to embark on his chosen path with aplomb and determination, revealing himself to be extremely capable of hard work and perseverance, although at times this can make him single-minded and blinkered. As a child, it is best to keep an eye on him and make sure that he doesn't spend too much time shut in his room by himself immersed in his books because he requires encouragement to develop the sociable and creative elements of his personality. His health can be fragile and lacking in vitality due to his anxious disposition, so getting enough physical exercise and relaxation is vital.

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What does he like?

Crius enjoys peace and quiet, reflection, meditation and taking refuge in philosophical or scientific speculations. He also quite likes to have fun, to relax and is very sensitive to the pleasures that this world has to offer. He tends to oscillate between these two tendencies which are each necessary in their own way. Emotionally, he is very reserved and not particularly demonstrative, exuberant displays of affection just aren't his style, although this doesn't change anything where the depth or the sincerity of his feelings is concerned. It's just the way he is, and in order to love and appreciate him one has to get to know him with all his noble humanist values.

What does he do?

In relation to his preferences, Crius is likely to seek a career involving reflection (scientific research). However he could also be attracted to teaching, the latest modern technology (computers, electronics or marketing...), manual occupations (plumber or carpenter...), occupations in connection with agriculture and nature.

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