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Means "ruler" in Turkish.

Who is he?

He is quite an elusive man, secretive and reserved, often shy and on the defensive. However, this tendency is strongly offset by another that drives him to express himself and communicate, compensating for his lack of self-assurance and worry by an apparently easy-going, and sometimes provocative attitude. In fact, Cem possesses a somewhat dual nature: a lively and energetic man, cheerful if not carefree and a little unsettled, who loathes constraints and requires action and change in order to fulfil his perpetual craving for discovery and adventure. But then there is the cerebral and tormented man, pessimistic and somewhat solemn, inclined to pose existential questions in his quest for fundamental answers, although he might just learn something, because he possesses a sharp, shrewd and analytical mind (pronounced if he was born on a 7th, 16th, 25th, or has a Life Path Number of 7). His scepticism could easily make him appear sarcastic or mocking. He could be tempted to take the path of least resistance, or he may choose to continue his education, but more often than not, he will be looking for action: he seeks autonomy and freedom above all. Cem is rather disconcerting and could appear to be an "eccentric", or "different", precisely because he chooses not to follow the crowd, and this could occasionally result in his becoming an "outsider". His parents should raise him with a certain amount of rigor, instilling notions such as hard work and discipline: he must learn that the easy way isn't always the best way. He tends to be unsettled, chaotic, impatient, cantankerous and egotistical. He enjoys physical activity and good old-fashioned fun, and it would be wise to keep a close eye on his school work. Basically, he is an extremely bright and lively child just waiting for the chance to be passionate about his education.

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What does he like?

His aspirations lead him to action, sport and adventure, the unknown being particularly attractive to him. If he happens to be drawn to the field of intellectual inquiry he is likely be very fond of ethnology, archaeology, and philosophy, as well as the latest cutting-edge technology or perhaps science fiction... He likes to have a laugh and a lark, and make the most of life's pleasures. Where his romantic life is concerned, he usually gets the girl thanks to his terribly charming ways... However he often feels misunderstood in a relationship, because concealed underneath his easy-going ways is a modest young man who has difficulty expressing his innermost feelings. Cem is a sensual Epicurean, athough his favourite food tends to be of an intellectual nature and his most sensitive organ - his brilliant mind.

What does he do?

Cem tends to change direction or employment quite often, since he doesn't like monotony very much. He is likely to be attracted to professions that would allow him to express himself and develop his communication skills, and he could be particularly at ease with a career in commerce, advertising or sales and marketing, in relation to travel, sports or games (sales and marketing, presenter...), oral or written expression (actor, journalist, lawyer, writer, teacher...), creativity or one of the avant-garde or highly specialized professions (architect, computer specialist, plumber, electronics engineer...).

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