The 4 symbolises spirit entering into matter. It’s the square - image of stability, power and construction. It represents work, labour, service and sometimes a certain rigidity or narrow-mindedness. It is associated with the element of earth, the planet Saturn, the signs of Taurus and Capricorn, the… Read More
The 8 symbolises balance, truth and justice. Two times 4, this is a concrete and material number. It is synonymous with possession, power and materiality. It is associated with the element of air and in analogy with the planets Mars and Pluto, the signs of Aries and Scorpio, the second, eighth and t… Read More
The 5 symbolises evolution, freedom, change and pleasure. It is synonymous with sensuality and adaptability. In addition, it is associated with the element of air, the planets Mars and Mercury, and in analogy with the sign of Aquarius and sometimes Aries, the fifth house in astrology and the sanguin… Read More





Who are they?

Brunilde and Adjoa are ladies with character: they are strong and self-assured whilst remaining undeniably feminine... Forthright and outspoken, they can also be rather aloof, with ice around the edges at times. Self-controlled as well as impulsive; they can be domineering and occasionally very hot-tempered. This duality is the reason for a certain amount of inner-conflict. Sensitive and touchy, they can be known to lose their cool if their ego feels threatened as they are somewhat unsure of themselves. This disconcerting tendency to bounce from one extreme to another in a matter of seconds can be observed in all spheres of their lives. For example, Brunilde and Adjoa are capable of living their lives with great discipline, scrupulous and focused for a length of time, then allow themselves to drift aimlessly into apathy and indifference. Shy and retiring one day, plucky and defiant the next. Depending on the moment, they can imitate the raving mad Virgo of the zodiac or the level-headed and unshakeable Scorpio... At the same time, these are women of great strength and courage who are extremely determined: once they have set their hearts and minds on something there is no point in trying to convince them otherwise, you'll be wasting your breath! With them, anything is possible - anything and it's opposite that is. They are quite highly-strung and need to be active, and physical exercise can provide an excellent outlet for this excess nervous energy. Even as children they are prone to mood swings and loathe being told what to do. They can often be jealous, and are genuine but uncompromising and intense in their relationships with others. They will probably prefer building dens to playing with dolls, especially if they have a birthday on the 5th, 8th, 14th, 17th, 23rd or 26th of the month, if their Life Path Number is equal to 5 or 8, or if they were born in May or August. Furthermore, and especially if they were born on the 4th, 7th, 13th, 16th, 22nd, 25th or 31st, or during the month of April or July, they are likely to experience significant setbacks and complexes. These are virtuous creatures and their parents should take care to ensure that they are conscious of their value, helping them to overcome their lack of self-confidence.

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What do they like?

They have a love of power and were born to fight. Not indifferent to material life, actually far from it: Money can indeed be very useful and they are certainly not oblivious to this fact. They even have great business sense, and are down-to-earth and practical. Romantically, they are not always easy to live with: they can be stern, rigid and overbearing as well as possessive and argumentative... They intend to be in charge and do things the way they see fit... However, gentlemen, these are strong women who can be depended on, and they are anything but wishy-washy.

What do they do?

Brunilde and Adjoa are not exactly model housewives even though they could be if they wanted to with such talents for cooking and gardening. However, if they find themselves encumbered with this role, they will be happy to satisfy their ambition and craving for power through their partner's career. However, more often than not they will have their own career, and are likely to be drawn towards occupations in connection with power or involving some personal risk (law enforcement, sport, military...), business (accounting, economy, finance, banking, management), the land (agriculture and livestock), property management and construction.

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