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Variant of BRONWEN

Who is she?

Friendly and communicative, Bronwyn has plenty of charm and magnetism. A sociable extrovert, she is pleasant, cheerful and very likeable. She was born to express herself, interact with others and have a good time (this first name contains two letters with a value of 3). She seeks the company of others and enjoys exchange and discussion, even though it is often a one-sided affair. In effect, she can sometimes appear rather disconcerting, thanks to the influences of the 3 and the 4. Bronwyn goes through phases where, like the grasshopper in the fable she is inclined to an easy life of having fun and enjoying the pleasures of this world - which naturally entails a certain amount of dissipation... followed by other periods where she imitates the ant, bravely facing life's challenges and capable of putting up with constraints as well as considerable effort, discipline and determination. In the first case (nevertheless the most common, especially if she was born on a 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th day of the month, or if she has a Life Path Number of 3), she could appear carefree or even careless, as if life was just a game. In the second case (less common, unless she was born on a 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st day of the month, or if she has a Life Path Number of 4), she will appear firm, resolute and responsible. Bronwyn is a concrete, materialistically orientated woman, who never loses sight of the financial side of life. She would therefore make a great business woman - persuasive and perspicacious, courageous and wise. As a child, her parents should be attentive and make sure that these two complementary tendencies develop harmoniously, without favouring one over the other. Encourage her creative streak and to make the most of her gift for communication through music, singing, theatre, literature or languages. It is important to compensate for her tendency to be fickle and spread herself too thinly by inculcating the value of order, method and discipline; she would benefit from experiencing the satisfaction of a job well done. Bronwyn is endearing and... a real chatterbox. Watch out for sky-high telephone bills, especially when she meets her first Romeo!

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What does she like?

As much as she enjoys the bright lights of society and the company of others, Bronwyn nevertheless appreciates peace and quiet, security and stability. While she can appear sophisticated at times, she is more inclined to all that is natural, simple, sober and genuine. She wishes to build for her future, particularly in her personal life. It's true that she would be over the moon to find a man who is both dependable and seductive - and capable of surprising her. Security isn't necessarily synonymous with routine, and Bronwyn is a highly imaginative woman.

What does she do?

When it comes to her career, Bronwyn won't sneeze at the more lucrative professions, although this isn't an end in itself. She could find satisfaction through one of the commercial professions or in connection with the public; where the spoken word, literature, languages and the voice are important qualities (attorney, actress, teacher...), as well as occupations in relation to management, banking or finance.

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