The 1 is the symbol of unity; it is the origin of all things, the breath of creation. A masculine and odd number, it represents the self, the distinct personality of this being, their individuality, ambition, strength, will and energy. It is associated with the element of fire and in analogy with th… Read More
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The 7 symbolises soul-searching and the quest for perfection. It is a sacred and eminently spiritual number. It is synonymous with rest, meditation, study, spirituality, philosophy, religion and faith. It is associated with the elements of water and earth and in analogy with the planet Uranus, the s… Read More




Derived from Sanskrit (amala) meaning "clean, pure".

Who are they?

Amala and Amália are extremely lively and energetic women who are also warm and friendly, cheerful and very likeable. They are rather quirky and have various areas of interests, of both a creative and intellectual nature and simply for fun. Because they are extremely sensitive they could appear reserved, wary or even inhibited at first; however their true nature is authoritarian and strong-willed, despite their volatile emotions which can sometimes destabilize them. With their cyclothymic moods and exaggerated reactions, they can indeed be very changeable characters. Furthermore, they are highly-strung and irascible which hardly makes their interactions with others any easier. Introverted at times, light-hearted and talkative at others, it can be difficult to discern their "real" personality. They are quite proud and feel torn between the desire to impress others, take control of their lives and succeed, and a tendency to take the path of least resistance (especially if they were born in March, or a 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th, or if their Life Path Number is 3). Bright and quick-witted, they are critical, cynical and sensitive to humour. As children, they are adaptable, cheerful, bubbly, quick as a flash and often more interested in play than work. They cannot tolerate being relegated to the side-lines and are capable of outbursts of anger if they feel that they have been wronged. Sensitive to esthetics and art, it would be a good idea to encourage them to make the most of their creative talents, because when they are motivated, Amala and Amália are capable of great personal effort and the results could be astonishing.

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What do they like?

They enjoy talking and communicating, expression, creation, having fun in general and are particularly partial to games. Somewhat eccentric, they are interested in fashion and anything that is avant-garde. They want to be noticed and could have a tendency to cultivate this originality in an effort to stand out from the crowd, either through their intellectual standpoint or their behaviour. In matters of the heart, they seek admiration above all and generally show the best of themselves in a relationship. Nevertheless, Amala and Amália are shy creatures, and tend to take refuge in their secret garden whenever they feel vulnerable or compromised. Their partner could find such an attitude disconcerting because it is quite contradictory to their carefree appearance. They often feel as though they are misunderstood, however they do not always do what is necessary to make things clearer and prefer to leave their man guessing, hoping that he will understand them without the need for words...

What do they do?

Amala and Amália will be drawn to occupations that favour oral expression (teaching, marketing, theatre or cinema...), while esthetic or artistic activities are also possible directions for these young ladies. Furthermore, the latest technology appeals to their clever minds and they can sometimes be found in very specialized professions. Finally, they could be tempted by one of the liberal professions.

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