The 1 is the symbol of unity; it is the origin of all things, the breath of creation. A masculine and odd number, it represents the self, the distinct personality of this being, their individuality, ambition, strength, will and energy. It is associated with the element of fire and in analogy with th… Read More
The 7 symbolises soul-searching and the quest for perfection. It is a sacred and eminently spiritual number. It is synonymous with rest, meditation, study, spirituality, philosophy, religion and faith. It is associated with the elements of water and earth and in analogy with the planet Uranus, the s… Read More
The 3 symbolises creation, issued from the union of the 1 and the 2, uniting the positive and negative forces. It is the synonym of expression and communication, success, social life and creation, notably of literary and artistic nature. It is associated with the element of air and in analogy with t… Read More




Source(Spring) of enjoyment (Hebrew).

Who is she?

Abigaël has quite a powerful personality and is energetic, determined and independent. She is rather pleasant company because she is capable of showing warmth, conciliance, flexibility and adaptability when these qualities are necessary. The 3 can sometimes confer her an air of superficiality, vanity or even sophistication. Nevertheless, simulntaneously the 7 pushes her to develop her inner nature, hence her discretion and reserve. She no doubt needs to express these tendencies, and in this respect she is a highly complex creature who goes through phases of externalization where she seeks the company of other people followed by periods of introversion when she feels the need for retreat and reflection. She has a considerable capacity for work although her efforts can be inconsistent; similarly, her moods are susceptible to periods of highs and lows. She is quick witted and her powers of elocution are well-developed: she often uses humour when she feels embarassed which just adds to her sparkle. As a child, Abigaël may fluctuate between introversion and extraversion, alternately needing to communicate, confide and receive attention from a small crowd of admirers, then withdraw from the world to ponder important questions about her life and values... Both of these tendencies are necessary to her evolution, and the first will be better developed if she was born in January or March, or if she has a Life Path Number of 1 or 3, while the second will be more emphasized if she was born in April or July, or if she has a Life Path Number of 4 or 7. A nervous and often worried little girl, her parents should provide as much reassurance as possible by answering all of her questions frankly and honestly. The contrary would only serve to greatly increase her anxiety. Her creative streak should also be developed which would allow her to express her originality. Finally, in general she is a good student because she doesn't deal with failure very well but she can also be proud and touchy - watch out for temper tantrums!

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What does she like?

A cerebral sort, Abigaël is inclined to refection, meditation, speculations of the mind and is sometimes preoccupied by matters of a metaphysical nature. A lover of words and intellectual conversation she also likes to have fun and doesn't necessarily reject material wealth with total disdain. Her individual aspirations lead her to explore the unusual, novel and fashionable. Her active number of 46 poses a few problems where her feelings are concerned - she is probably too demanding, authoritarian, fiercely independent or egocentric; however she often feels a vague sense of loneliness in the depths of her being and feels misunderstood most of the time.

What does she do?

Because she is somebody with considerable ambition, she is perfectly suited to a professional career, notably in the following domains: performance (theatre, cinema or teaching...), anything concerned with the spoken word and the voice, the commercial or independent professions (especially if she was born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th, or if she has a Life Path Number of 1), a career in connection with fashion, creativity, avant-garde or a specialization.

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