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Variant transcription of NITYA

Who are they?

Nithya and Aeronwen are highly sociable women who drift through life with ease. Eager to please, they are charming, refined, spontaneous and conciliatory creatures. Nevertheless, they are also rather changeable, and with such fabulous virtues (kindness, helpfulness, enthusiasm and tact...), one might have guessed that their vices wouldn't be skimpy either (impulsiveness, quick-temper, excess and a harsh manner...). Obviously, the expression of these qualities (and foibles) depends upon the way they feel at any given moment, their level of motivation and their personal agenda. Effectively, when they really want something they will do anything to make sure that they get it, whether it be through stubbornness or seduction. Nithya and Aeronwen are independent women who don't appreciate restriction. They enjoy tasting life's pleasures, adventure and discovery. They need to feel passionately about something, and when their enthusiasm is aroused they can be hyperactive and overexcited... But when they are demotivated they can just as easily be disenchanted, indolent or even downright lazy... In the same way, they alternate between a certain fussiness in one specific area and complete laxity in another. They are therefore capable of spending hours in the bathroom tarting themselves up, while neglecting the housework and other more boring day to day chores. As little girls, Nithya and Aeronwen are lively, demonstrative, affectionate and extremely attached to their family. Their parents should be aware of the extent to which they have an influence on their personality. They could just as easily reveal themselves to be responsible, independent and resourceful - if the family environment is harmonious - or rebellious and argumentative if they don't feel loved enough.

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What do they like?

Nithya and Aeronwen like to be in charge and rather materialistic, they are fond of exterior signs of wealth. Money is essential to their well-being, and they have great business sense to boot. In love, they are in search of perfection and often feel a sense of dissatisfaction: the man of their dreams should be rich, masculine and of above average intelligence... but if he isn't terribly good-looking that just won't do. Or indeed, he could be handsome, tender and cultured; but if he doesn't make enough money for their expensive tastes they might not stick around for long! They have a great need for freedom and there could be many temptations... They are possessive and jealous, but they don't want to be possessed!

What do they do?

Their professional choice will greatly depend on its potential for financial success, and they indeed often opt for a lucrative career. This considered, they could therefore be attracted to occupations in connection with banking, management, economy or finance..., by anything related to sales and representation, travel, communication or esthetics.

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