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From the Welsh name Merfyn, which possibly meant "marrow famous"

Who is he?

Behind the calm, collected and sometimes indifferent outside appearance, Mervyn is a somewhat nervous individual, complicated and elusive at first. He may seem aloof because he tends to internalize his emotions and is an intellectual, or a ‘thinker': This is a walking, talking cerebrum! He is curious about everything, and with such a critical and analytical mind he tends to be quite sceptical. A bit of a loner, he may seem maladjusted, peculiar, severe or possessive (in romance as in finances, extravagance isn't his style), he can be obstinate, and is susceptible to obsessive behaviour (especially if he was born on one of the following dates - 4th, 7th, 13th, 16th, 22nd or 25th of any given month). On the other hand, if his birthday happens to be a 3rd, a 12th, a 21st or a 30th, he is more likely to be warm and sociable. The association of the numbers that make up this first name is something of a double-edged sword: Mervyn could experience some contradiction caused by the difference between his deepest aspirations and what he can do in reality. Often rushing into things, he must learn the art of patience. After a few hesitations he will find his niche in life and get on with it, ready to tackle any obstacle with plenty of energy and determination until he succeeds, which he usually does. If he really wants to live his master number 22, he should avoid taking the easy way out; instead, he must aim for the brightest star, because he definitely has the potential to get there. Although his ambitions are often within arms' reach, he should nonetheless remain aware of the dangers of megalomania! Deep down, he knows that in order to succeed he must develop and apply his ability to communicate. As a child, he is very nervous, impressionable and often irritable. His parents would be wise to make sure that he doesn't shut himself away in his bedroom with his nose in a book for too long, asit is important to nurture his creativity and encourage him to socialise with others as well. His health can be fragile - not least due to his nervous disposition, although regular exercise and relaxation can prove to be very effective remedies.

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What does he like?

He appreciates peace and quiet, calm reflection and meditation, and obtains great comfort from scientific and philosophic theories. Although he remains distant and pragmatic, his inner nature will most likely push him to seek a friendly and affectionate environment in which he is able to express himself. Even so, there is a good chance that the frosty and reserved aspects of his character get the upper hand. It would be foolish to wait for him to seduce you and become somebody 'irresistibly charming' - soppy sentimentality and exuberant demonstrations of affection aren't really his style!

What does he do?

In close connection with his interests, he seeks a profession that would call for the application of his cognitive talents (such as scientific research), a specialization requiring an analytical mind or involving the art of diagnosis, be it in the field of medicine or management. Politics and other positions of power, sometimes in business (notably international) are equally his areas of predilection, especially if he was born on the 22nd day of the month. Such a high-impact activity would enable him to satisfy both his need for self-expression and his desire to communicate with and influence others.

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