The 9 symbolises accomplishment, ultimate fulfilment, transcendence and completion. It is synonymous with humanity, self-sacrifice and altruism. It is associated with the elements of fire and water, and in analogy with the planet Neptune, the signs of Sagittarius, Pisces, the ninth house in astrolog… Read More
The 7 symbolises soul-searching and the quest for perfection. It is a sacred and eminently spiritual number. It is synonymous with rest, meditation, study, spirituality, philosophy, religion and faith. It is associated with the elements of water and earth and in analogy with the planet Uranus, the s… Read More
The 11 symbolises transcendence, revelations, intuition, inspiration and the gift of clairvoyance. It is synonymous with a higher intelligence and extremely elevated ideals at an abstract level. It is especially associated with the element of air, the sign of Aquarius, eleventh sign of the zodiac, a… Read More




Melody, song (Greek).

Who are they?

Unusual and mysterious, they are so overwhelmingly sensitive and emotional that they tend to hide behind a wall of icy indifference, keep a certain distance or remain taciturn. Three of the numbers that make up their first name are "karmic", and their effects can be felt on many different levels. These energies provoke evolution throughout their lives, a tendency which is susceptible to be reversed. Indeed, the 18, which is %s's active number, and the 72, that of Marie-Pierre, are in keeping with frequent change, travel and a delayed success that is not necessarily associated with material realization. In effect, these women are idealistic and unfortunately do not always have their feet firmly planted on the ground. With their elevated aspirations - which are sometimes quite out of reach (master number 11), and a broad view on life, they could experience intense disappointment, disillusion or even nervous breakdown or depression... It is easier for them to live through their imagination or by immerging themselves in the world of spirituality or parapsychology, unless of course they are tempted to seek refuge in a fool's paradise. Their inner-lives are very rich and they could feel intensely lonely from time to time, because they often have the impression that there is a pane of glass between them and the rest of the world. Later on in life they could experience this in a creative and original fashion, by working at the cutting edge for example... (particularly if they were born in February or November, an 11th, 29th, or if they have a Life Path Number of 11). As children, Mélodie and Aberash are fragile and are prone to feelings of inferiority. It is therefore crucial that they are surrounded by love and affection. They are eager to please and always give the best of themselves - as long as they feel adequately supported. It is equally indispensable to provide an outlet for their imagination by encouraging them to make the most of their artistic talents (painting, music, theatre, sewing or cooking...).

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What do they like?

Mélodie and Aberash appreciate all that is natural and peaceful, solitude and anything out of the ordinary. They are often fascinated by the weird and wonderful, the unusual or occult phenomena (unless they are one of the rare exceptions who, on the contrary, are critical of, and virulently reject the irrational). When it comes to love, things are less simple than they could be, since they have a gift for complicating everything! Sensitive and romantic, they aspire to perfect synergy with their partner although one might wonder what they have in common, since their choices are sometimes incomprehensive. Furthermore, they have trouble communicating and hope their beloved will somehow be able to read their mind... However, they are also capable of devotion and self-sacrifice, which sometimes becomes evident in motherhood.

What do they do?

At the time of choosing their career, Mélodie and Aberash haven't necessarily acquired all of their potentialities which are rather too heavy to be carried at such a tender age, so their first choice is unlikely to be definitive. The practice of a psychological, mystic or parapsychological discipline will help them evolve from the level of the 2, passive, dependent, submissive and suggestible (mother, stenographer, salesperson...), to the 11, active, authoritarian and capable of managing and supporting others. They will then be attracted to the artistic occupations, those in connection with the human being (medical, social, justice), avant-garde, fashion or activities related to the public, broadcasting, travel and foreign countries.

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