The 3 symbolises creation, issued from the union of the 1 and the 2, uniting the positive and negative forces. It is the synonym of expression and communication, success, social life and creation, notably of literary and artistic nature. It is associated with the element of air and in analogy with t… Read More
The 2 is the symbol of duality and diversification. It is each thing and its opposite: yin and yang, hot and cold, day and night, good and bad... A feminine and even number, it represents the other, the partner, spouse or associate. It is associated with the element of water and in analogy with the … Read More
The 1 is the symbol of unity; it is the origin of all things, the breath of creation. A masculine and odd number, it represents the self, the distinct personality of this being, their individuality, ambition, strength, will and energy. It is associated with the element of fire and in analogy with th… Read More




From a Scottish surname which was derived from the name of a district in Scotland

Who is he?

Lennox is as warm, friendly and good-natured as he is outgoing, talkative and sociable. Charming and attractive, he is inclined to take care of his appearance and can be known to spend a lot of money on clothes, preoccupied as he is with the effect that he has on others. Bright, cultivated and adaptable, he communicates with ease and eloquence, choosing his words carefully as much for the pleasure of playing with the language as in order to make sure that his presence doesn't go unnoticed. If at times he can seem abrupt, bossy and aloof, this is just a front to compensate for his lack of confidence and overwhelming shyness. Worse still, his emotions can play tricks on him making his moods unpredictable, and this is not without repercussions on the personal and professional areas of his life! This emotivity is actually a result of an inner conflict due to two rather incompatible aspects of his personality: a side that is masculine, active, dynamic, independent, domineering, hardworking, ambitious and headstrong (even more pronounced if he was born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th, during the month of January, or if his Life Path Number is 1) and another that is feminine in essence: passive, dependent, impressionable, emotional, intuitive but easily swayed (more pronounced if he was born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th, in February, or if his Life Path Number is 2 or 11). As a child, his development and well-being depend heavily on his emotional environment, gentle encouragement and support will bring out the very best in his nature. Unpleasant teachers could be the cause of an unhappy educational experience, but luckily, Lennox is into everything and usually good at whatever he puts his mind to. A vivacious and talented child, especially where languages are concerned, it would be wise to encourage him to learn at least one other language as early as possible. Keep an eye out for half-completed jigsaw puzzles and abandoned toys and books, as his insatiable curiosity sweeps him from one activity to the next, rarely ever finishing anything at all. He is of exemplary moral character, so much so that aquiring a touch of arrogance and bravado could even do wonders for his confidence!

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What does he like?

A lover of conversation and good company, his friends occupy an important place in his heart. He enjoys activities that mean he can be part of a group or team. Emotionally, he is gentle and affectionate, and not particularly suited to single life - his equilibrium and development benefit from the warmth and intimacy of a loving relationship. He is a kind and considerate partner, his sensitivity and perceptivity making him a very good amateur psychologist. On reaching maturity, he is patient and understanding, he takes his responsibilities seriously and would make an excellent father.

What does he do?

Several different professional pathways are available to this multi-faceted individual: occupations in retail, trade and communications - where expression is everything and the art of persuasion is a crucial factor, one of the independent professions as part of an association such as a consultancy practice, occupations in connection with a certain creativity, that it be through the media of the voice or the written word, the artistic world is never far away.

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