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Portuguese form of HORATIUS

Who is he?

Horácio is a likeable character who breathes calm, tranquillity and harmony. He is conscientious and reliable, qualities that contribute to his comfortable, reassuring presence. He is driven by a desire to please and to be liked in return, often feeling personally responsible for others - especially where his family are concerned, towards whom he sometimes feels certain obligations or constraints (karmic 2). Nevertheless, he is a man of principles and is generally of scrupulous nature, although he can often be quite obsessive and pernickety. This could be expressed by his clearly defined tastes or a certain refinement, but also by an inclination for excessive rites and habits, such as an exacerbated preoccupation with cleanliness and order, or perhaps a tendency to be excessively meticulous. His emotional life is important to him and Horácio is a tender and sensitive soul who has a profound understanding of the meaning of friendship. Helpful and obliging, he makes a wonderful shoulder to cry on and gives excellent advice. However, he is rather selective in his personal relationships and doesn't extend the hand of friendship to just anybody. While he is always there when he is most needed, he expects the same favour in return. Horácio has trouble forgetting an insult or a betrayal, the memory of which remains present in his mind for a long time and can make him bitter and resentful. As a child, Horácio is shy and very sensitive with a great need for tenderness and affection. He is well behaved, timorous, anxious and impressionable; and is often very attached to his family - especially his mother. A day-dreamer, he could often be described as a scatterbrain or having his head in the clouds. He is more likely to make an effort if he feels sufficiently loved and supported, and his school marks will be closely related to the amount of affinity that he feels with his teachers. He would benefit greatly from the practice of an artistic activity.

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What does he like?

He seeks security and stability above all else, and appreciates all that is genuine and natural. Fond of material comforts and belongings, he is thrifty and possessive. His romantic life doesn't always live up to his expectations. With the karmic 2, he experiences certain difficulties in his relationships; either due to his lack of flexibility and his domineering, controlling attitude or because his emotions play tricks on him. He is terribly demanding and could have trouble choosing a lover - between the beautiful Emily who is elegant but not very cultured, Verity who is worldly-wise but too cool and distant, and Sophie who is gentle and tender enough, but a little wet behind the ears for his liking!...

What does he do?

When it comes to his career, Horácio will be particularly attracted by the artistic and literary professions, or those in connection with esthetics and the sense of taste (gastronomy), the scientific professions or those connected with the land, nature and animals (miner, horticulturist, farmer, herbalist, engineer, physicist...), as well as occupations involving the giving of advice.

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