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From the Old Norse name Gulbrandr, a variant of Guðbrandr (see GUDBRAND).

Who is he?

Gulbrand is a secretive character, internalized and determined even though the road he travels is a slow and laborious one. A cerebral type, he thoroughly enjoys a good think. Of somewhat anxious nature, he spends a lot of time pondering the mysteries of existence and his motto might be: "I think therefore I am." He possesses a rational and analytical mind, however, because the 7 is karmic, two opposing energies can influence him in an alternate manner: the Cartesian tendency, which is responsible for his sceptical mind makes him capable of sarcasm, mockery and occasionally virulence towards those who dare to choose a different path, as well as an interest in the irrational and mystical (especially since intuition is another one of his qualities), which may lead him to explore esotericism, spirituality, astrology, astronomy or even alchemy... The intensity of his master number 22 decidedly pushes him to follow royal roads... One might assume that Gulbrand is an asocial sort who spends his life with his nose in a book, however this is hardly the case. He even comes across as warm, friendly and communicative, especially when a topic passions him, and he enjoys the company of others and meeting new people. He is undeniably seductive but he doesn't abuse this power, being a man of depth, sincerity and reliability. As a child, he is highly inquisitive and his parents might learn a thing or two themselves as they try to keep up with his endless questions. Encourage him to socialize and teach him the value of sharing and exchange because he otherwise could live in autarky, perfectly self-sufficient. With the 7 and the 4, he senses that he is somehow different from other children - especially once he has passed his thirteenth birthday, and incidentally this would be the ideal time for him to take up an artistic hobby.

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What does he like?

He enjoys research and analysis in a quiet and peaceful setting and is fascinated by anything that is original or avant-garde. His romantic life isn't simple, because his active number 52 generally means that relationships with the opposite sex are full of challenges. Modest, apprehensive and reserved, his apparent frostiness can be disconcerting. Furthermore, he prefers to be alone than in bad company. If life as part of a couple doesn't do it for to him, he could remain single for a long time, or he may choose a less conformist romantic road that allows him greater independence.

What does he do?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Gulbrand is ambitious, hardworking and an opportunist. Patience is one of his qualities and success is definitely within reach... He may choose to exercise a profession in one of the following domains: research, the natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry...), or avant-garde, the disciplines concerning the human race and its future (psychology, astrology, education, archeology, ecology...), or its well-being (counselling, reformer), international relations, or a career within a large company (senior management positions... if his master number is predominant and he knows how to use it).

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