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Derived from Romanian dor meaning "longing".

Who is he?

With the influence of a master number and three letters with a value of 1, Doru is a man of calibre. We are in the presence of a headstrong, determined and somewhat egocentric individual. Usually reserved and distant, he can often come across as being quite aloof when actually he is a rather timid creature who tries to hide this fact from the world by way of an apparently icy attitude or a proud, conceited demeanour which is equally designed to compensate for his innate shyness. Inclined to hyperactivity, Doru is capable of relentless hard work. If life and circumstances allow him to live up to the vibrations of the 22, he will effortlessly take control of his destiny and perhaps even other people's while he's at it because power is particularly attractive to him and he will reveal himself to be tenacious, perseverant and patient. As he sees it, he who desires the ends must be prepared to provide the means... Of exemplary moral character, Doru is also capable of being extremely charming and seductive. Nevertheless he is authoritarian and high handed first and foremost. An impatient man who loathes wasting his time, he won't stop until he achieves his goals - whatever the cost. Failure and obstacles don't undermine his courage and even serve to reinforce his resolve. He is highly strung and although he possesses impressive self-control he is not immune to mood swings and can be known to lose his cool at times. With his rational and practical mind Doru is an organised and methodical man. As a child, he can easily become introverted and uncommunicative if he feels unloved or misunderstood. Possessive and private, he will hardly appreciate his siblings touching his books or belongings and can react violently to what he considers a crime of disrespect. He doesn't dislike the masses, however he frequently requires time alone to enjoy peace and quiet. Autonomous and independent, he is generally attentive at school, although from time to time he may feel the need to escape into daydreams.

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What does he like?

He enjoys contact with the public, travel and anything that allows him to escape. He seeks to acquire a certain wisdom and often wants to put the world to rights. Although he is egocentric and possessive by nature, he still cares deeply about others and humanity in general. He can sometimes be attracted to poetry, music, religion or the irrational, in keeping with his desire to escape material reality. In matters of the heart, he is a hopeless romantic who aspires to synergy and dreams of sharing himself completely with the one he loves. However, he remains possessive and uncompromising, and any wrong move on his partner's behalf will not be easy for him to forgive - he has an excellent memory and tends to hold a grudge...

What does he do?

Of considerable ambition, Doru is a man who has the potential for great accomplishment in the following fields: politics, law, medicine or management. He could also show an interest in travel and professions in connection with international relations, the land or geophysics as well as occupations related to broadcasting or the public.

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