The 4 symbolises spirit entering into matter. It’s the square - image of stability, power and construction. It represents work, labour, service and sometimes a certain rigidity or narrow-mindedness. It is associated with the element of earth, the planet Saturn, the signs of Taurus and Capricorn, the… Read More
The 11 symbolises transcendence, revelations, intuition, inspiration and the gift of clairvoyance. It is synonymous with a higher intelligence and extremely elevated ideals at an abstract level. It is especially associated with the element of air, the sign of Aquarius, eleventh sign of the zodiac, a… Read More
The 2 is the symbol of duality and diversification. It is each thing and its opposite: yin and yang, hot and cold, day and night, good and bad... A feminine and even number, it represents the other, the partner, spouse or associate. It is associated with the element of water and in analogy with the … Read More


Judeo-Christian Legend


Latin variant of JASPER

Who is he?

Reserved, pensive and cautious, Caspar lacks self-confidence and hides behind a veil of icy detachment, an attitude that could easily be mistaken for contempt when in fact he is an extremely sensitive soul! It is only with time and patience that he will make progress in life and become more sociable. His motto is: «slow and steady wins the race», and he is often influenced by the sign of Capricorn and its planet, Saturn. Effectively, two opposing influences coexist as part of his personality (the 2 and the 4) which can cause him to be unsettled and self-involved at times. His insecurity coupled with feelings of inferiority means that he is inclined to worry and doubt and he is certainly rather wary of the unknown and the unexpected. He will receive recognition for his work and since his first name does not contain any letters with a value of 4 (meaning the 4 is karmic) he could prove to be relentless in this area, working tirelessly without counting the hours. On the other hand, the professional sphere is likely to get neglected if he is faced with health or family problems, thereby compromising his future. The karmic 2 is another tendency that is susceptible to shape his personality. This particularly applies to the first part of his life, making him immature and dependent - especially in relation to women and his mother. Watch out for his hypersensitive nature, which could become pathological! Nevertheless, Caspar is also capable of living in harmony with the vibrations of his master number 11 and taking an active interest in others; by participating in humanitarian movements, for example. As a child, group activities will encourage him to venture away from the sweet security of home and develop a sense of solidarity and responsibility. Otherwise, he could compensate by getting caught up in daydreams and fantasy. It is therefore of great importance to make sure that he remains grounded and doesn't slip into laziness or apathy. Rather vulnerable and suggestible, he will need a daily dose of love and affection - at the very least. Inattentive parents, domestic disharmony or parental break-up could significantly hinder his emotional development.

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What does he like?

While he is something of a loner, Caspar nonetheless very much enjoys the company of others, which he finds energizing, and is therefore attracted to associations and collaborations. The master number 11 is karmic, which takes him onto the royal road of the social sciences. He is profoundly interested in psychology, ethnology and ecology as well as countless other areas of knowledge. With him everything is possible, from apparent loss of enjoyment in life to great enthusiasm and he is a true emotional bulimic, where both his personal and professional lives are concerned. In the latter case, he must be careful not to drift into excess (hysterics, authoritarianism and jealousy as well as a tendency to be stubborn and controlling...). A loving relationship is important to him and his well-being, and he could make an excellent father who is capable of great understanding, once he has reached emotional maturity, that is. Unless he decides, like Peter Pan, that he doesn't want to grow up, in which case he will remain an eternal child who will seek a woman who is also prepared to mother him.

What does he do?

Caspar could show an interest in occupations of a scientific or rational nature or requiring method and precision, like accounting, management or technical edition. He could also be attracted to the social sciences, counselling, education, psychology and various other professions requiring intuition. A job as a civil servant might be suitable if he chooses to indulge in his need for security.

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