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Short form of JACOBINE

Who is she?

An excess of the number 9 in this first name makes Bine a fragile, highly emotional, imaginative, capricious, intuitive woman who is quite a dreamer. She is extremely sensitive, despite her cold and detached appearance which is nothing more than a defence mechanism. She could be quite disconcerting because she alternates between a tendency to be reserved, taciturn and introspective and a more excitable, passionate and talkative personality. It all depends on how she is feeling at the time and the atmosphere of where she happens to be, since she experiences the present moment with great intensity. She is cyclothymic and oscillates between phases of introversion (more accentuated if she was born on a 4th, 7th, 13th, 16th, 22nd, 25th, 31st, or if she has a Life Path Number of 4 or 7) and extroversion (more pronounced if she was born on a 3rd, 5th, 12th, 14th, 21st, 23rd, 30th, or if her Life Path Number is 3 or 5). Fortunately she tends to be lucky, because she is not always very well-armed faced with life's difficulties. She tends to easily cut herself off from reality or rush through life in an incessant mobility. Bine is an anxious and terribly nervous creature which makes her rather prone to worry, to the great detriment of her serenity. However, if life is gentle with her she will reveal herself to be flexible and adaptable, cheerful and enthusiastic. She is a feminine and rather charming woman; and with the karmic 3, communication and expression play an important role in her life, either because the first four years of her existence are more or less internalized or because she simply feels a great need to speak. She grasps ideas quickly and possesses considerable intellectual agility, manual dexterity and practical sense. Her life could get off to a slow start but she will start catching up from around her twenty-third birthday... As a child, she demands much affection and attention, is quite dependent and tends to seek refuge in the safety of her imagination. It is important to provide her with plenty of stimulation and encouragement. Discipline and order are not her strong points, and her parents would be wise to keep a close eye on her education. It would be very beneficial for her to practice an artistic hobby, such as theatre for example, which would allow her to externalize her profound sensitivity and develop her faculties of expression; or dance, which would satisfy her need for mobility and flexibility...

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What does she like?

Bine doesn't appreciate any form of restriction which encroaches on her freedom and stifles her imagination. She enjoys adventure, change, novelty and the unknown, and is often inclined to soul searching. She has a talent for networking and negotiations and can be impulsive or even impatient. She loves travelling and discovering new corners of the world, although she prefers to be accompanied on such journeys. When it comes to love, she craves passion and isn't really cut out for a well-orchestrated or overly traditional life. She likes all that is unusual and unexpected, and loathes the routine. In order to seduce her one must surprise and amaze her. But be warned, Bine tends to get bored quickly, and it would be wise to respect her great need for independence!

What does she do?

She isn't always particularly decisive or determined and things usually come to her rather than the other way around. Her career is therefore quite likely to depend on her circumstances, her emotional ties, the influence of her family and friends or possibly even chosen on the spur-of-the-moment. She will probably change direction relatively frequently and the following areas are likely to appeal to her: sales and marketing, travel, tourism; occupations involving oral or written expression (journalism, teaching, secretarial work...), in connection with creativity and the artistic sphere, particularly those requiring manual dexterity as well as certain avant-garde or very specialized professions (latest technology)...

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