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Means "high father" in Hebrew

Who is he?

Abram has an active number of 44, which makes him particularly strict, masculine and magnetic. But while he is abrupt, assertive, impatient and of rather forceful character, he is equally capable of kindness and tenderness, and he's certainly got savvy, especially when he wants to please or seduce somebody - or if there's something in it for him. This man is actually quite a dichotomy and his behaviour can be disconcerting to observe. Most of the time he is indeed kind, thoughtful, courteous and helpful; however he can suddenly become beside himself with anger, usually to take somebody's defence or if he is wrongly criticized because he can't stand any form of injustice. Demanding and a perfectionist, he rarely forgives a broken promise, dishonesty or spitefulness. As a child, he is extremely sensitive, highly receptive, imaginative and easily influenced, especially by his mother; and he could be very impressionable, especially if he was born on a 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th; in February or November, or if he has a Life Path Number of 2. It is therefore important to provide him with plenty of reassurance and encourage physical exercise or one of the martial arts, combined with music, for example. He is very emotionally dependent and in his school life he generally does much better if he feels an affinity with his teacher.

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What does he like?

Abram enjoys the company of others and stimulating conversation. He feels quite at home in groups and gatherings, where he reveals himself to be conciliatory and cooperative. He is also sensitive to symbols of wealth and prosperity, and doesn't sneeze at the finer things in life. Love is often on his mind and he makes an affectionate and understanding partner, although occasionally he can be a little abrupt. He will be very fond of the comfort of his home and won't take his responsibilities as a father lightly (karmic 6), unless he remains immature due to an excessive attachment to his mother, in which case he could have certain commitment issues. He can often have a tough time choosing a partner due to his high expectations and uncompromising nature, and he may one day find himself torn between two lovers... Or indeed perhaps he will continue to chase that feather in the wind.

What does he do?

An ambitious man, Abram could be attracted to the world of money and business, the social sphere, especially since he excels at giving advice (psychology, tax advisor or medicine...), occupations requiring energy and courage (sport, police, army...).

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I don't understand how, but everything that was described was correct. It even mentioned some of his hobbies and greatest characteristics.

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