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Meaning of name Tina  

Etymology : Short form of CHRISTINA, MARTINA, and other names ending in tina


Saint :


Origin : English


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Tina   has a very sensitive nature, although she doesn´t always let her emotions show on the outside. A lover of harmony and symmetry, she´s a real aesthete, and is often influenced by her family, which could be either a good thing or a bad thing. She is not without a certain inner strength that makes her efficient when faced with life´s struggles. Not lacking in common sense, she is fond of her independence and very capable of taking responsibility, ambitious and self-confident. As a child, she is not necessarily very docile, especially when her parents express an authoritarianism to which she is highly allergic: she´s certainly a character! She has a profound sense of justice and is likely to rebel at the slightest undeserved attack, possibly becoming aggressive and out of control. However, by promoting her sense of responsibility and accepting her individuality, her parents will discover that she just wants to feel valued and is actually very eager to do the right thing. Thus, we can observe a tendency to be conciliatory, sensitive, active, disciplined and perfectionist - even when the family environment is harmonious; then rebellious and aggressive, apathetic, idle and even lazy when she lacks the emotional motivation.


What does she like?
Because her still waters run deep, Tina   could enjoy analysis and reflection, especially intellectual ponderings that could one day lead her to explore the fields of psychology, parapsychology or sociology. She likes to please others, and can appear seductive and even narcissistic at times. She also likes to feel needed, thanks to her protective nature, although she has an annoying habit of wanting to do too much and sticking her nose into other people´s business more than is healthy or indeed welcome. Finally, she appreciates beautiful objects (jewelry clothes and accessories...), and luxury, and tends to seek a cozy and comfortable home. Romantically, she is highly selective in her choice of partner, which can make things slightly difficult and may lead to problems later on, possibly even divorce, in spite of the fact that deep down, she disapproves of such fickleness. She is also demanding, authoritarian and a perfectionist, so her beloved will need to be quite adaptable and worthy of her admiration.


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What does she do?




If life and the family environment aren´t conducive to her thirst for knowledge and analysis, and she chooses not to undertake a lengthy program of study, Tina   may be tempted to practice her profession in the world of business, indeed she is ambitious and the material realm leaves her far from indifferent. Her innate sense of justice could lead her to one of the legal careers (lawyer, judge, notary, clerk...). Otherwise, the fields of art and aesthetics are equally open to her. Medical or paramedical careers could also be of interest, because she is concerned for others´ wellbeing and wants to help. A perfectionist who borders on obsessional, she could be drawn to occupations related to hygiene or cleanliness.



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Tina  "

Comment Pseudo Date
I am amazed! Every aspect of what I just read is 100% me. tina cook 2016-04-26
this fits my sister to a T! tina's brother 2015-11-08
I found that the majority of it is true. Though not sure about me as a child. Tina 2015-10-22
Not a very accurate at all, shame. Tina 2015-07-27
There appears to be no truth in the description, strange. Tinas sister 2015-07-27
I see myself in this discription to the very "T" Love it! Thanks for sharing TINA 2015-07-24
I don't see myself in this at all. Fun site though. Tina 2015-03-27
Very true Tina 2015-03-05
Ur an idiot sounds like a thin persons name?? Ignorance at it's finest!! Tina's sister 2014-11-04
It sounds like a very thin person's name. Natasha 2012-10-03

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