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Meaning of name Thomas  

Etymology : Greek form of the Aramaic name (Ta'oma') which meant "twin"


Saint :


Origin : English


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Gender : boy


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Who is he?


Thomas   is a secretive and reserved man who often appears to be shrouded by an air of mystery. Hardly impulsive, he prefers to look before he leaps and think before speaking. His feelings and emotions tend to get pushed aside for a certain length of time, which could make him come across as being insensitive or phlegmatic when in fact he internalizes everything. He is intensely affected by his emotions whether they be joyful or painful, and doesn´t adapt easily to new situations. At times, he can allow himself to get carried away by anger and it can be rather disconcerting for those around him to observe such an untimely outburst from this normally calm and collected individual. However this is just the result of all the minor irritations and injuries that he has more or less cheerfully repressed and allowed to accumulate. Particularly influenced by the earth signs (notably Taurus), he has plenty of the characteristics: patience, possessiveness, loyalty, stability and materialism. He is a pragmatic, realistic and rational man, neither suggestible nor impressionable, who only believes that which he sees with his own eyes, just like the saint of the same name. He is even quite stubborn and capable of bad faith or a blinkered view which can make him stand his ground obstinately even when he is in the wrong! His sociability is not very well-developed; he is selective in friendship and doesn´t care much for noisy crowds. He is nonetheless an affectionate soul, and very attached to his family towards whom he feels a sense of responsibility. As a child, he is calm and composed, sensible and rather taciturn. Not particularly demonstrative, he is very modest and can sometimes feel uncomfortable when others manifest their affection towards him. He isn´t the most active of little boys, but just like the tortoise, Thomas   advances slowly but very surely and always finishes what he starts. He is fascinated by modern technology and computing, and prefers games of intellect and logic to sports. Parents, inculcate the notion of sharing from a very tender age, because he can be quite possessive!


What does he like?
Thomas   is an ecologist at heart who loves nature, animals and the earth. He appreciates simplicity, tranquillity, and is a humble man who loathes shallowness and pretentiousness. Anything out of the ordinary is likely to attract his attention. Although he professes to be a scientific thinker, he could nevertheless be inclined to ponder the big philosophical questions or take an interest in the social sciences or spirituality... When it comes to romance, he is loyal and very loving; and when he falls in love, it will be forever. But cupid had better aim well, because wary and cautious, he doesn´t take these things lightly...


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What does he do?




Cerebral and intellectual, Thomas   seeks to acquire knowledge and could find satisfaction with a career in research or at the cutting edge. He is likely to turn to the scientific or technical domains, medicine (specialization), occupations related to fashion, esthetics, decoration or dressmaking; requiring precision, in connection with nature and the earth... If he lives in harmony with the vibrations of his master number he could do anything he wishes, in any field that he chooses; and therefore has the potential to achieve true success.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Thomas  "

Comment Pseudo Date
Yes, very accurate...and I am a Taurus. Tamas/Thomas/Tom 2017-02-17
This is really funny to read, because this is totally like me. Although I am only a teenager and have not become a full adult. I am a very active person though and am hoping to make the varsity soccer team freshman year. I'm not sure if the article said something about me being not very athletic or not. Thomas 2016-02-18
my finace is this identically crazy this was scarey to read mine also was completely accurate capucine 2015-01-18
With the exception of the jealous part you got me pegged. Tameka 2014-08-17
Nope, not me... Thomas 2013-10-28
ISRAELI/JEW 2013-10-13

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