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Meaning of name Sage  

Etymology : From the English word sage, which denotes either a type of spice or else a wise person.


Saint :


Origin : English (Modern)


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Gender : girl


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Numbers :

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Who is she?


With two master numbers, we are in the presence of a deeply humane and altruistic individual with a powerful personality. Sage   is extremely sensitive and remarkably intuitive. Such high vibrations incite her to advocate a better world and to take care of the most underprivileged people on this planet. Material contingencies are of secondary importance, as far as she is concerned. While she is often an enlightened or inspired soul - with both knowledge and creative talent, it is not always possible for her to experience these energies at such a high level due to the difficulties that they entail. They could therefore be expressed as a tendency to day-dream, hypersensitivity, emotional fragility, dependence, suggestibility and selflessness. Her emotional equilibrium is often precarious because a high level of nervous tension is inextricable from such a passionate temperament. As a little girl, Sage   is endearing and adorable, eager to please and particularly receptive to her family environment. It only takes a minor emotional upheaval or a parental disagreement for her to feel completely lost and out of her depth, which she can respond to by becoming totally withdrawn. Parents, it is important to encourage her autonomy and sense of duty while taking care to respect her fragile nature and preserve the carefree innocence of her childhood.


What does she like?
Sage   is a very emotionally orientated lady who possesses an active imagination inclined to flights of fancy, magic and marvel. Not particularly materialistic, she tends to seek solace in her thoughts and day-dreams as a way of escaping the more unexciting side of material reality. She is very fond of travelling and other countries, mystery, spirituality and the unusual; as well as anything else that appeals to her craving for escapism. Music is another welcome distraction from the humdrum. In matters of the heart, Sage   is romantic and a big softie! An idealist, she puts her man on a pedestal, running the risk of disillusion when the veil finally falls... She is a tender, affectionate and maternal woman who seeks true union (karmic 11), and is quite capable of forgetting herself for those she loves.


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What does she do?




This configuration has all the ingredients for a glittering success. The social and artistic domains are particularly royal roads, the material realm being neither a priority nor a condition. Sage   is likely to find satisfaction in one of the following careers: teaching, psychology, sociology, counselling, education..., music and other artistic activities..., astrology or graphology - unless religion is an area of interest, or anything to do with philosophy, philanthropy or humanitarian issues.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Sage  "

Comment Pseudo Date
The name Sage originated from monks, as a wise elderly males. Sage 2017-12-06
Spot on , at least someone knows who i truly am. sage 2015-06-12
This is really cool! My vest friend couldn't of described me better! I write songs, I have emotional issues, freaking born on the day in between Good Friday and EARTH Day, and I'm ADHD so I have a hard time paying attention in school!!! Wtheck?!?! Is the writer of this f rikkin psychic?!! :) this site is sooo cool!!!!! Sage 2015-01-16
Sage is more I girls name then a boys, born in 2001 there were 588 girls and only 383 guys named Sage I'm a girl Sage 2015-01-16
This is a boy's name John 2014-06-25

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