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Meaning of name Marquita  

Etymology : Feminine variant of MARQUIS


Saint :


Origin : English (African American)


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Gender : girl


Country :


Numbers :

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Who are they?


With such endearing personalities, these charming women were born to love and bring happiness to others, creating peace, harmony and beauty everywhere they go. Their presence is extremely soothing, and has a calming and balancing effect on those around them. Anxious to please, Marquita   and Euria   are prepared to make a lot of effort to render themselves lovable. They are "sweetness and light" personified: warm and affectionate, pleasant and helpful, they also take great care of their physical appearance, not without a hint of vanity. They are autonomous and responsible, and prove themselves to be perfectionist and meticulous in their undertakings. With such a scrupulous nature, they can easily find themselves burdened with family obligations or constraints, and this sometimes applies to their professional lives as well. An excess of letters with a value of 3 in their first name facilitates communication and sociability, and could even be the source of their creative talent. They are highly permeable to the atmosphere in which they develop and are intuitive, receptive and sensitive. Their emotional and imaginative capacities are equally well developed, and they are often known to escape into a world of wild and fanciful daydreams in order to flee reality, which can be sometimes be tough. As children, they are delightful little girls and fill their parents´ lives with joy. In return, their parents need to teach them about responsibility; however, in doing so, they should be very careful not to make them feel guilty...


What do they like?
If they are overprotected, Marquita   and Euria   are capable of shirking their responsibilities and making little progress in life, which would be contrary to their true nature, as well as their destiny. It would be desirable to encourage them to develop their artistic talent, especially because their chosen activity would be very likely to evolve into a craft, enabling them to earn a living later on doing something they love.


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What do they do?




These are women who value their emotional and familial accomplishments above all else. They are often influenced by their parents and they could even succeed them professionally. Otherwise, they are likely to be interested by the social professions, such as nursing, medicine, midwifery, dietician, pharmacist... by the professions related to law or justice, by those connected with art or esthetics (beauty therapist, hair-stylist, manicurist, designer, decorator), craft professions requiring manual dexterity and skill, in connection with cleanliness, ecology, as well as occupations requiring attention to detail and accuracy.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Marquita  "

Comment Pseudo Date
I was always told that my name meant pearl in Jamaican. Marquita 2018-05-10
Dude! This is soooo cool. Marquita 2017-02-15
This is spot on in describing me, but I want to know the true origin of my name Marquita 2016-10-04
My name is marquitta and for one everyone spells it wrong and two it is an irish name. This is told to me drom a white irish woman name marquitta with the same spelling and it is very popular in the irish background... But she did tel me that people will choose where it come from but it is really irish she is now 115 yrs old marquitta 2016-09-08
My mother told me that my name was Spanish and it meant "little one of the sea" Marquita 2016-06-14
It says this name is African American but i am 100% sure it is Spanish and means ladybug in translation other than that I think this pretty spot on which is kind of crazy marquitta 2015-08-22

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